Speaking of FAQ’s…

Did you know that we’re known for our spice selection?

Q: Can I bring my reusable bags into the store? 

A: We love your environmental consciousness and we’re happy to announce that yes, you may bring your reusable bags into the store, however, in adherence with the Health Authority, they must be left with the cashier at the front of the store while you shop.


Q: Can I bring my own containers to refill bulk?

A: Just as our society is embracing and developing the wonderful habit of refilling reusable containers, Covid-19 took away that fun and the good feelings we get for reducing plastic waste (for now).

Until the Health Authority gives us permission, for health and safety reasons, we are unable to refill your reusable containers and it breaks our hearts, too. 

In the meantime, please allow us to fill your bulk needs for you in the bags we provide. They’re great to reuse at home and can be recycled.

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Q: Can I scoop my own bulk food items?

A: Big news! As of November 1st, 2020, the Health Authority has given us the go-ahead to allow you, our wonderful customers, to scoop your own bulk food items.

Please become familiar with our new protocols to ensure that we can continue to give you our best service. You’ll notice throughout the store, that we have several hand-sanitizing stations with this signage:

Copy of what's the scoop?.png

Q: When is Customer Appreciation Day?

A: First Tuesday of every month you get 20% off bulk food items, 15% off Natural Factors products, 10% off all other vitamins, and 10% off so many specially selected items in the Store.

Q: When is Senior’s Day?

A: Every Thursday, seniors (55+) can enjoy a Voet’s coffee and save 20% on Vitamins!

Q: What is Sunday Savings?

A: The day you stock up on your vitamins! Every Sunday, Natural Factors vitamins are 10% off AND buy any 3 vitamins get 10% off. 

Also, every day we offer a 10% savings on vitamins when you buy 3 or more. 

Q: What is Zero Waste Savings?

A: The epitome of instant gratification! You get what you pay for, right? When the food is freshly harvested and delivered to our store, you’re getting the very best opportunity for freshness. As we get closer to the ‘best before’ date, we reduce the price by up to 50%! 

Also, did you know we price match?

Show us a local current price listing and we’ll honour it!